What an amazing day we had and thank you to everybody for making it as special as it was.

We will update the site again with some images as soon as we have time to get them uploaded.

Our Story

  • July 2007

    Our First Meeting...

    While John was working at Endsleigh insurance Jennifer started and was in a team with John. We got on very well but soon after John left for a new job…

  • November 2011

    Our Second Meeting...

    On a night out we bump into each other in Smackwater Jacks and start talking. John is now a web designer and is thinking about going Freelance while Jennifer needs a website for her Wedding Card business.

  • February 2012

    Our First Date...

    The website is now finished and John plucks up the courage to ask Jenn out for a date to celebrate. We end up in The Woodman Pub with Mick Green and a rather drunk Sarah. Having our First Kiss literally in front of John’s whole family as well…

  • December 2015

    Getting Engaged...

    Getting Engaged...

    From our first date we have literally been inseparable and for Jennifer’s 30th Birthday we decided to go to New York with Mick & Gillian to celebrate. John had the engagement ring made with his mothers old engagement ring and has the diamond reset in a new ring.

    Jennifer loves snow and the big tree at the Rockafella Centre and somehow John manages to pick the perfect moment in front of this amazing Christmas Tree to propose and as you can tell from Jennifers face she wasn’t expecting it at all.

    Luckily she said yes…

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  • 1st July 2017

    Wedding Day

    Wedding Day

    Well its been a long time coming and we’re finally married!

    Thank you to everybody who made our day so special and we can’t wait to share our pictures with everybody.

    So please watch this space!

Wedding Day Here you will see information about our wedding day.

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

Whalley Golf Club

Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

The Teepee’s, Hurst Green Village Hall

Evening Party

Evening Party

Evening reception – dancing queens!